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Are your teachers frustrated? After attending traditional professional development and trying the latest strategies, do they still feel disconnected from students? You are not alone!

Here’s the hard truth: The latest curricula and instructional methods will fall short if you have not developed a critical classroom connection.

In school districts around the country, this lost connection impacts student performance and district achievement. When teachers struggle to influence students, they struggle to teach them.At Dream Builders University, we supercharge teachers, transitioning them into powerful influencers – a first step too often missing in teacher training programs.

Our secret is a research-based four-stage system, combining;

• Exposure to depth of cultural insight
• Leadership development
• Social emotional learning
• Continuous coaching throughout the year to students and teachers

Each item on our menu of services can be fused with one another, depending on the depth you wish to explore with your school community.

Professional Empowerment Sessions – Classroom Leadership vs Management

If you don’t have influence, are you really teaching? We use the world-class John Maxwell Team leadership model to transform the hearts and minds of school leaders nationally. When you contract with Dream Builders University, our Professional Empowerment Sessions can be stand-alone opportunities to increase leadership capacity – or, they can be one piece in developing what we call The Critical Classroom Connection.

The Critical Classroom Connection

Coaching for Growth

Our Dream Builders visit classrooms, conducting observations to provide targeted feedback and coaching conversations.  These collaborative sessions are also opportunities to integrate other components of The Critical Classroom Connection, such as training in social and emotional learning (SEL), and cultural competency (see below).  Our Teacher Development/Coaching services can be tailored to fit your individual school’s or district’s needs.
SEL and Cultural Competency

Our team focuses on creating a healthy environment that reveals the truth about SEL in schools: that students and staff need targeted and intentional growth opportunities.  We must transition from awareness to application and understanding. Our team takes great care to move teachers forward so they can create this critical classroom connection.

Research proves that it’s impossible to create a safe place with students you don’t understand. At Dream Builders University, we know that each school community is different, and because of those differences, students’ SEL barriers are different.  If school leaders don’t understand the communities they serve, they will frustrate students with the wrong approach.

We provide training in SEL and Cultural Competency through Professional Empowerment Sessions, and also by embedding this work in our coaching model, working with teams of teachers in small-group settings during collaboration time.

Case Studies – From Theories to Practice

Case #1: Dream Builders University contracted with an urban elementary school, and together we developed a plan that worked for the school’s local needs.

Twice a month, we provide a two-hour Professional Empowerment Session. Then, we support that new learning through classroom observations, targeted feedback, and meetings with teams of teachers.

At Dream Builders University, we believe in being responsive to needs as they emerge. When the topic of “managing conflict” arose during one of our empowerment sessions, we decided to re-work our presentation in real-time to meet what we determined was a pressing local need.

Through deep discussions, role-playing activities, and SEL training, we set the stage for how to “manage conflict,” and then we supported that work with embedded coaching.

Case #2: We contracted with a suburban elementary school, and kicked off the school year with a day long Professional Empowerment Session in which we unpacked the major ideas driving our work for the year.

We then worked with teachers twice a month during their team planning periods, following up and supporting those ideas from our introduction to the school year.

For the first monthly meeting, we worked with teachers in small groups to build their knowledge base. Between this meeting and the next, we conducted classroom observations so we could follow up with targeted feedback on implementation.

Flexible Models to Meet Your Needs

When you contract with Dream Builders University, we don’t try to force your school to fit into an inflexible, off-the-shelf product. We work to meet your needs. From stand-alone Professional Empowerment Sessions to small group meetings and individual coaching, we are here to optimize your school’s culture through life-transforming, evidence-based interventions, and services.

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