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Is Your School a Place Where Students and Teachers Dream Freely?

Parent Engagement & Development

Parent Engagement & Development

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Helping your educators connect in the classroom to enable the learning they desire.

Evidence Based


Coaches in the classroom utilizing techniques demonstrated to keep kids in school and learning.

Positive Behavior

Support Tools

Books, posters, t-shirts, wrist bands, bookmarks and more to model and reinforce desired behaviors.



Enhance and reinforce the programs in the home with development of parents and guardians.

The Fact of the Matter

The DREAM of MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of young people doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

It can be your reality.

We’ve Unlocked the Secret to Your Success

Dream Builders University has unlocked the secret to creating schools where students not only want to attend, but also enthusiastically engage and achieve.

You see, we are not in the education business, we are in the life transformation business.

We Dream Big, Inspire Big, and Get Big Results.

We help you do the same.

Dreams Can Have a Bad Reputation

People can dismiss dreams as head in the clouds, pie-in-the sky, or lofty thinking.

However, dreams are the materials to build the reality you want in life.

That’s what makes your role as an administrator, teacher, or parent highly important.

You CAN support and help cultivate the dreams of young people.

You CAN be the BIG difference maker that you set out to be in schools.

Your school CAN be a place where young people and teachers feel free to build their dreams.

It starts with a dare to make a step forward. Want to find out YOUR next best step?