About Us

Dedicated speakers, authors, trainers and Dream Building coaches with a zest for greatness that is contagious.

LaMarque Ward spent 9 years teaching and leading in Job Corps, but over time, he realized that the young people he served needed more than just academic instruction.  They needed life coaching, someone to help them identify their personal goals and dreams, so they could build plans for their success.  That’s when the idea for Dream Builders was born!

At Dream Builders University, we seek to combine personal life coaching with a critical classroom connection.  Instead of traditional professional development, we offer what we call Professional Empowerment Sessions.  We believe in fostering the kind of leadership skills needed to turn teachers and administrators into impactful influencers.

Our (Teacher Development/Coaching) services are designed to build adult skills for reaching even the most at-risk students.  Our (Evidence-based intervention courses) and our (anti-bullying tools) are designed to offer unique learning experiences for students, providing them with the social and emotional learning they need for sustained success.  We offer (parent development) packages for growing the important connection between school and home, and we also offer (leadership development for administrators).

Our suite of services is designed to support the many facets of a school’s social, emotional and culturally responsive life.  At the same time, we offer customizable solutions to meet your school’s or district’s unique needs.

Our Vision

To educate people with relevant life changing information, challenge old ideas and inspire people in organizations and schools to deliver their highest potential to humanity.

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