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Mr. Ward held the audience captive as he shared his personal life experiences as an athlete growing up in urban Cincinnati and relating those experiences to the social and emotional needs of today’s students. He lives by the quote “Life is teaching but few are taking notes.”

I have been in many sessions with educators and can say Mr. Ward’s engaging, humorous yet, heart felt presentation garnered the attention of all in the room. Question and Answer time at the end of the meeting garnered much praise and interest from the audience. After the session, Mr. Ward continued to have a number of educators come up front wanting to talk with him personally. It was evident he encouraged and challenged us all.

It has been a blessing to get to know LaMarque’ and develop the beginning of a life-long friendship. I have found him to be a man of the highest integrity and passion for helping people strengthen their heart attitudes by building their dreams.

Dean D. Lynch

Superintendent , Blanchester Local Schools

This week has proven to be a definite high point in my career. Our leadership team had the pleasure of having Mr. L. Kobie Wilkerson present a staff development course entitled Creating Cultures of Accountability: Communities That Sustain Achievement by Impacting Instructional Practice and Praxis with a Focus on Relevance, Relationships, and Rigor.

Mr. Wilkerson made promises at the onset of the course and by the end he had more than delivered on them. In no time, my colleagues and I were on a journey to self discovery and learning how to genuinely connect with one another and our students. As icing to this already delicious cake, Mr. Wilkerson brought two of his children’s books “Fred and Mary” and “Queen Infinity”– which are as much a treat to adults as they are certain to be with children.

I consider this to be the most worthwhile staff development experiences I have ever had the pleasure of attending! Should you decide to have Mr. Wilkerson visit your school, and you should, it will undoubtedly be a rewarding, inspiring experience which is sure to assist in propelling your faculty and staff to the next level of achievement in both their personal and professional lives.
I cannot wait to implement all that I have learned!

Pamela James

21 Year Veteran Teacher | 5th Grade, Decatur, GA

The Dream Team worked diligently to adapt their program in several different ways in order to meet the needs of our residents. They implemented a very basic version of dream building and character development in order to effectively deliver the message to our latency age children. They also adapted the program to be self-esteem oriented in order to engage our adolescent girls who struggle with self-image and positive concepts of self. The group was also taken in the direction of teaching leadership skills in order to develop strong and confident leaders. The residents were all given the opportunity to practice what they had learned over the course of the group with games and activities, fashion shows and leading groups for their peers. The residents were engaged and looked forward to the groups each week.

Dream Building 101 is a great program for all youth in order to help them develop strong character and leadership skills for the future. This group inspired our residents to dream big in order to achieve their greatest potential. The curriculum is versatile and great for any age or setting.

Tricia Heider

Recreation Therapis, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Our program, “Nebo Title VII Indian Education” was fortunate to host LaMarque D. Ward as a presenter to students and parents in our district. He was able to give an inspiring message to all six groups he presented to in the two days he was here. He was authentic, honest and charismatic in each presentation. His ability to connect with the group and tailor his message was exceptional.

At the Family Night, his Dream Board activity was well received. The parents gave many positive comments and were particularly excited about the parent book and the interactive experience. His enthusiastic message to the administration about working together as team to help Native students was applauded. One of the administrators commented, “It was a shot in the arm!” Many of the students who attended his student presentation commented on how energizing it was for them to hear his story, his struggle, and, most importantly, the lessons learned. It was affirming and empowering for each of the student groups he presented to.

Mr. Ward’s passion for helping youth and parents achieve by dreaming BIG is much needed in today’s world. Our program highly recommends LaMarque D. Ward. He would bring enthusiasm, a wealth of knowledge and real life wisdom to any group. Please do not hesitate to contact our program to provide you with any further information regarding Mr. Ward.

Eileen QuintanaNedo

Title VII Program Manager

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