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At Dream Builders University we have worked diligently over the past ten years to perfect our intervention strategy for school districts. We have provided intervention strategies for schools across the country and experienced documented success with parents, students, and teachers.

Malik’s Big Dream Anti-Bullying & PBS Support


This book series will inspire, encourage and engage your students in a masterful story about a young man who was being bullied in his new school. The Title of the first book is “Malik’s Big Dream.” We used the story to create a critical conversation about Courage, Mentorship, Bullying, Critical Thinking and Positive Self Image. Your students will get the honor to DECIDE how Malik uses the courage he has learned from Dr. Martin Luther King.


The second book series, which is titled “Malik The Difference Maker,” we focused on the fact that Malik has some tough choices to make using his courage but will also need to learn and embrace a reconciliatory heart by embracing the five areas of focus for this book. The foci are: Forgiveness, Dream Building, Collaboration, Purpose, and Reconciliation. The entire book series is loaded with social-emotional learning and character focused conversations for the class.

Student Influence Tools