When students are enrolled in either of our (evidence-based interventions courses), we offer add-on supports for their parents/guardians.

Parental engagement critically influences the success of children in school and in life.  That’s why our book Dream Building for Parents helps guardians to master seven key areas of parental influence:

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Connectivity
  • Trust
  • Interest
  • Acceptance
  • Legacy

We are always willing to customize our approach to meet your needs.  Below are some models we have implemented in the past.

Workshop Series

We have a series of 10-workshops to accompany the book. If your school has any partnerships that could help provide incentives, such as a free meal for attending, that can be a great strategy for promoting involvement.  Our consultants are willing to partner with you on how to market this series to maximize attendance.

Day-Long Bootcamp

If schools can’t get parents to commit to a series of 10 workshops, we can conduct a day-long boot-camp.  We combine stations for each of the seven key areas of influence with two “relaxation stations,” where parents/guardians can receive things like a massage, a mani/pedi etc.  We believe in pairing empowerment with pampering/self-care.

We also offer access to our PARENT HOTLINE where guardians experiencing challenges with their child(ren) can call and leave a message, so a Dream Builder can return their call within 24 hours.

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