Evidence Based


We offer two different evidence-based intervention courses, depending on your program.  One for traditional schools, and another for non-traditional and alternative placements.

Traditional School Course

Competing as a Lifestyle: You vs. You – A Student’s Guide to Greatness, authored by LaMarque Ward (the founder and CEO of Dream Builders University), contains a breakthrough perspective for students to consider while on their journey. In the book, LaMarque shares some of his most meaningful life experiences, and these are used as a springboard for interventions.

We recommend this book and its curriculum as a tier 2 solution. With pullout classes conducted twice-a-week, periods can rotate so students do not miss the same course too frequently. Students work with Dream Builders who serve as their personal life coaches.

The students receive this personal coaching to help them not only justify the change process, but also to reverse-navigate their social sphere to conquer peer pressure and poor choices.

The end result: Students progressively take ownership of their habits, disciplines, and their own achievement. Teaching and leading becomes easier when students are motivated and hungry for their own progress.

Non-Traditional and Alternative School Programs

Does your district offer an alternative school to help students who would otherwise face suspension or expulsion? If so, we have another solution to meet your needs.

For students needing more intensive tier 3 interventions, we offer a character-based curriculum and small-group life-coaching sessions.

At the beginning of the week, we offer one character quality as the weekly focus. Our Dream Builders spend 15-20 minutes at the beginning of each day reviewing the character quality, offering different activities to maximize student engagement.  By Friday, students will be able to discuss the character quality and apply it to their own lives.

But our work does not end there. Spending the first half of the day at the alternative placement site, our life coaches target kids based on how long they have been assigned, scheduling them for small group coaching based on their personal needs.

When they return to home buildings, our Dream Builders follow-up, reviewing grades, re-affirming strategies, providing encouragement, and more. We believe in building real relationships with students, so we don’t forget about them when they return to their traditional school placements.


While we have seen our models work at both urban and suburban high schools, we are always willing to work with your district, customizing our approach to meet your needs. To learn more about our evidence-based interventions courses, contact us.

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